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Jul 22, 2012 9:30am EDT
correspopondent, rebecca cooper. >> thank you for joining us for a lookt business and finance here in the washington region where budget battles threaten our wallets contacting jobs and the area economy. we w will tackle those topics cong up iour routable, but first, a company thahat isis expanding around the world and here in the w washington gion. from modest binnings the company has grown to becomee a cosmetic andkin-care powerhouse. itas continued to grow ththroughout the recession despite the dip manyther high h and cosmetic retailers experienced. they have just ded a new stand-alone store in addition to thee wisconsin avenue store that has long been in the georgetown. helping fuel ththe growth is the president of kiehl's usa chrisis salgagardo. welcome to washington business report. you are the first business executives that has ever comome to town for businesand crashed in yourmotorcycle on the way. what happened? >>t just happened. i t took a turn a a little too quickly. i have been writing for 30 years. luckily, i pulled myself right back up and got back ony bike >> it was f
Jul 29, 2012 9:30am EDT
-- >> thank you for joining us for a look at business and finance and the washington region. facebook fails to imess with their first earnings report. marylands in a special session. we will ha more during our rounundtable coming up p later in the show, the first a look at some businesses motivated by more thajust the bottom line. each were launched d to s succeed but ey are also giving back supporting charitable c causes bending today, we speak to connie gririffith h from gator ron's, t toddracken from frosting bakery and coffee bar and bodil lund from bodil lund jewelry. welcome to you all. connie let me start with you. your business was a labor of love. started out of inspiration f from your husband. >> my husband had a dream to have a business and he had wonderfuful recipes. in 2007, he was diagnosed with als. his dream took a back seat to his disease. in november 2011, i lost him to his disease. through his sickness, he still talked about his dream. when he died, i decided to keep his legacy alive and produce the sauces. >> he made sure that you knew how to make them correctly. >> nothing
Jul 1, 2012 9:30am EDT
-- >> thanks for joining us f a look at busine and finan in the washington region. it w was a w week of suspense and speculation, and in the end w have been leftft withh morore suspspense and speculaon. businesseses employees, and heth insurance providers hav to sort out t the next steps they need t take. as i found out after the decision was announced reaction is still mixed. linda ouout works at a cancer support community. the ruling alleviates one reason she wakes up at night. >> worrying about whether my husband would not have treatment because we could not afford its and have to watch him die because he was not getting the comprehensive cancer treatment that he needed. >> there were a number of papatients who felt belief that they had a safety net under them. >> many small-business owners aree worrying this could be prohibitive the banks in small business person does not need one more thing they have to follow. >> polls show 61% of voters oppose all or part of the plan. >> it has not helped us at all. i have seen no have been bending our company has to offer insurance to children u
Jul 15, 2012 9:30am EDT
correspondent rebecca cooper. >> thank you for joining us. we are looking at busiss and finance. i am in r rebecca cooperer. she will be back next week.k. future tax rates. i'm wonderingng how the campaign will impt area businesses? that will be the topic of our roundtable segment. but first, a look at the increasingly important business sector. the economy of tourism. capital tourism added up to an estimated $6 billion for our area in 2011. we are glad welcome back to the show elliotott ferguson fromm destination d.c. thank you for being with us. thank you for having me. >> y you have good news. a lot of people are struggling. we are really excited about what the tourism industry means for washington d.c. >> ok so $6 billion. and that accounts for -- how many jobs does that count for in our area? >> putting it in perspective, $6 million represents 70,000-plus jobs for washington, d.c. we paid $24 less in taxes for the money that is generated for washington. >> that is nexto the federal government? next to the federaral governrnment and one of the fastest-growing areas. >> are people
Jul 8, 2012 9:30am EDT
-- >> thanks for joining us for a look at business and finance in the washington regi. those who had electrity and ose who did not. businesselost customers and inventorduring one o of the mostworst outages we have s seen in the region's history. first, while pepco says performance has seen improvement, d.c. mayor vincent gray remains one of the utility's loudest critics. we will talk to him about both of those topics. before we get to that, we start with jobs. the highly anticipated june jobs report cam outn friday and it was a big disappointment. ly 80,000 jobs cated last month. reo discuss those issues and more, d.c. mayor vincent gray. your third appearance on "washington business report." we keep h havinyou back becausee there are some many important issueses to discussss. thank you focoming back. weome. it has been a tough week. you did make it to thfourth of julyly parade. >> it was the nominal. it did notot det people f from cong out from the parade. i think there were more people out is year than i have seen. i hahave been there for years been betting >> . >> the first let's
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5